Raw Dog Food in Hartley Business Park By Sid & Lola

Raw Dog Food in Hartley Business Park With Sid & Lola

At Sid & Lola, we believe that every pet deserves the finest. Located in the serene Hampshire countryside, our shop is a haven for pet owners seeking to enrich their pets' lives with raw dog food in Hartley Business Park and raw cat food. We're not just a pet shop store near me; we're a movement towards healthier, happier pets.

Raw Dog Food In Hartley Business Park


Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Nutritional Advice:
    Struggling with your pet's diet? Our experts are here to provide free consultations, helping you tailor your pet's diet to their specific needs. Whether it's allergies, weight management, or simply boosting vitality, our knowledge in raw dog food in Hartley Business Park and raw cat food makes us your best local ally.

  • High-Quality Products:
    From premium raw dog food in Hartley Business Park to essential supplements, our products are curated to boost health and vitality. Our shop boasts a comprehensive selection of natural foods, treats, and supplements, making us a standout choice for pet shops near me.

  • Ethical and Local:
    As a small, independent pet shop store near me, we source locally wherever possible and stand by ethical practices that respect both nature and our furry friends.

Services Offered Sid And Lola Natural Pet Shop

  • Raw and Natural Pet Foods: Dive into our diverse range of specially formulated raw dog food in Hartley Business Park and raw cat food that promises cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and a shinier coat.
  • Dog Grooming Salon: Pamper your pooch with our professional grooming services—because a clean dog is a happy dog.
  • Pet Nutrition Consultations: Tailored advice to help transition your pets to a raw diet or to tackle specific dietary challenges.

Industry Facts

  • Growing Demand for Raw Pet Food: The global raw pet food market is growing rapidly, expected to expand at a CAGR of over 5% through 2025, driven by pet owners seeking healthier diets for their pets.

  • Health Benefits of Raw Food: Studies indicate raw diets can improve pets' energy, skin, coat, dental health, and digestion, supporting Sid & Lola's product offerings.

  • Customised Pet Diets: Over 70% of pet owners are willing to pay more for specialised food that addresses their pet’s specific health needs, a demand Sid & Lola meets with personalised diet consultations.

  • Increased Pet Health Spending: Pet owners spent over $30 billion on pet food in 2020 in the U.S. alone, with a growing trend towards specialty foods like raw diets.

  • Educated Consumers: As pet owners become more knowledgeable about pet food ingredients, Sid & Lola’s focus on transparency and education caters to this informed customer base.

  • Sustainability in Pet Food: There’s a significant shift towards sustainable and ethically sourced pet products. Sid & Lola’s commitment to these values appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.

Visit our shop

Whether you're dropping by to pick up your next bag of raw dog food in Hartley Business Park or browsing our products online, we offer convenient options like local delivery within a 10-mile radius, click & collect, and efficient courier services.


Raw Dog Food In Hartley Business Park