Raw Dog Food Near Selborne By Sid & Lola

Raw Dog Food Near Selborne With Sid & Lola

Every pet should have the best, in our opinion at Sid & Lola. Our establishment is a haven for pet owners wishing to give their beloved friends raw dog food near Selborne and raw cat food. It is located in the peaceful Hampshire countryside. Not just your neighborhood pet shop, but a movement dedicated to healthier, happier pets.

Raw Dog Food Near Selborne


Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Nutritional Advice: Do you struggle to feed your pet? Our experts provide free consultations and can assist you in tailoring your pet's diet to suit their particular requirements. We specialize in raw dog food and raw cat food, so when it comes to allergies, weight management, or just boosting energy, we're your best local ally.

  • Among our premium products are essential supplements and premium raw dog food near Selborne. Each item is hand-picked to ensure optimal health and vitality. We stand out from other pet stores around me thanks to our extensive selection of natural foods, treats, and supplements.

  • Local and Ethical: We are a small, independently owned pet supply store near me, and we uphold moral principles that respect both the environment and our animals.

Services Offered Sid And Lola Natural Pet Shop

  • Raw & Natural Pet Foods: Treat your furry friend to a more glossy coat, healthier breath, and whiter teeth by treating them to our wide range of freshly made raw cat and raw dog food near Selborne.
  • Dog Grooming Salon: A clean dog is a happy dog, so treat your dog like the regal companion they deserve with our professional grooming services.
  • Consultations on pet nutrition: individualised advice to help with specific dietary concerns or to help you transition your pets to a raw diet.

Industry Facts

  • Growing Demand for Raw Pet Food: The global raw pet food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% through 2025, driven by pet owners want to feed their animals healthier diets.

  • Benefits of Raw Food for Pet Health: Research supports Sid & Lola's product range by suggesting that raw diets can improve digestion, skin, coat, energy, and dental health in pets.

  • Tailored Diets: In response to the desire of over 70% of pet owners who are willing to pay more for specialised food that meets their pet's particular health requirements, Sid & Lola offers customised diet consultations.

  • Expenditure on Pet Health: In 2020, pet owners in the US alone spent more than $30 billion on food, with a growing preference for specialised diets such raw foods.

  • Educated Customers: As pet owners become more aware of the contents in pet food, Sid & Lola's focus on transparency and education serves this knowledgeable clientele.
  • Sustainability in Pet Food: People are starting to favor pet goods that come from ethical and sustainable sources. Customers that are concerned about the environment are drawn to Sid & Lola because of their commitment to these values.
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We provide convenient options including click & collect, local delivery within a 10-mile radius, and efficient courier services, so you can shop online or stop by to get your next bag of raw dog food near Selborne.


Raw Dog Food Near Selborne