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Pets should be fed the way that nature intended, in our opinion at Sid & Lola. Premium raw dog and cat food, which has various health benefits like improved digestion, cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and better hair condition, is what our store specialises in. As a passionate Pet Shop Near Me In Kingsley, we're dedicated to helping pet owners choose the right foods for their animals.

Pet Shop Near Me in Kingsley


Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Guidance on Pet Nutrition: At any moment, our friendly staff is here to help you choose the right diet for your pet. They are experts in nutrition for both cats and dogs.
  • Quality and Variety: We supply a wide range of products, including premium raw cat food and raw dog food, to fulfill the specific nutritional needs of your pets.
  • Local Convenience: There's no need to search any more for a Pet Shop Near Me in Kingsley. We are easily found in Alton's Selborne neighborhood. You can place an online order with click and pick or local delivery options, or you can stop by our store in person.
  • Community and Trust: At our local small, independent pet shop, we treat each and every one of our customers like family. We value your trust and work hard to earn it each and every time you visit.

Services Offered Sid And Lola Natural Pet Shop

  • Raw and Natural Pet Food: Emphasising raw and natural foods to promote long life and overall wellness.
  • Pet Supplements: To enhance your pet's nutrition, choose from our assortment of natural supplements.
  • Dog Grooming Salon: You can maintain your pet's best appearance with our professional grooming services.
  • Enrichment Toys: Puzzles and play toys help keep your pet happy and busy.

Industry Facts

  • Expanding Natural Pet Foods Market: Over the world, the market for natural pet foods has been expanding swiftly. An estimated 4.5% annual growth is projected between 2020 and 2027. Growing public understanding of the advantages consuming natural foods has for their health is the driving force behind this movement.

  • Raw diets are becoming more and more popular. According to a Petfood Industry report, sales of raw pet food have surged by over 20% in the last several years. This illustrates the growing trend of pet owners seeking better ways to feed their animals raw or naturally occurring foods.

  • Statistics on Pet Ownership: Over 85 million families, or 67% of all households, are pet owners, according to data compiled by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This number illustrates the massive pet goods market.Increasing Pet Care

  • Spending: Approximately $72 billion was spent on pets in the US in 2018, primarily on food and medical supplies, according to the APPA. This pattern is repeated globally, indicating robust purchasing patterns that support pet retailers such as Sid & Lola.

  • Demand for specialised pet services: Grooming and specialised nutritional advice are in high demand as pet owners begin to consider their animals as part of the family and are willing to invest in their welfare.

  • Benefits of Raw Food for Health: Studies suggest that pets fed a raw diet may be less prone to obesity, digestive issues, and allergies than pets fed a commercial diet. Pet food decisions made by consumers can be significantly impacted by this health information.

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At Sid & Lola Natural Pet Shop, we are more than simply a business—your pet's health and happiness are our top priority. Join the contented pet owners who already entrust us with their needs while looking for a pet shop near me in Kingsley area. Give your pet the gift of a longer, healthier life by purchasing from us!
Pet Shop Near Me in Kingsley