Bone Broth and why it's SO amazing

Bone Broth really is a super food. It aids digestion, helps to heal leaky gut, reduces inflammation, great to use for joint pain and irritated skin.

It is highly nutritious and full of protein, collagen and minerals. 

I fed this to Piper straight away when he arrived in the UK. He was rescued from the streets and although the rescue did a fantastic job, he was run down, his immune system was struggling and his gut health was poor.

Piper had itchy skin, yeasty ears & an eye infection. Quite common symptoms in some dogs considered as 'fit & healthy'.... 

So I switched Piper to a raw diet, fed him bone broth and Kefir daily, and let the gut healing commence! 

Bone broth has many benefits and is great to offer to your dog if they have upset tummies, are recovering from surgery, have joint or skin conditions or just because it's a fantastic source of added nutrients :) What's not to love.

Be sure to use a bone broth, or make your own, from the bones etc of an animal your dog is not intolerant to.