Boneless Options

As a general rule you will find most raw dog foods on the market will contain around 10-15% edible bone. This is important for dogs as it provides essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus. 

While it is important to feed it, some dogs do not tolerate high percentages of bone and can become constipated. 

To start with I would feed only boneless for a few days, just to ease the constipation and slowly see how much your dog can tolerate as you introduce bone again. 

Over the years I have worked with many customers to find the right balance for their dogs. A very sucessful option is to mix raw brands when feeding, for example:

If Piper was fed 500g per day and his meal contained 10% bone, and this made him constipated, I would split his raw meal between something like 'Henley raw' (80-10-10 for example) and 'Nutriment' Boneless Beef.

He would now only be getting 5% bone content per day. Hopefully this would (and is likely to) solve the constipation problem.

As the Nutriment Boneless Beef is packed full of biologically appropriate vegetables and nutrient dense superfoods, Piper will be getting all the nutrients and vitamins he requires from meat, offal, vegetables and a lower percentage of bone. 

Other boneless options that I currently stock include:

Poppys Picnic,

Nutriment Just Tripe,

Paleo Ridge Beef tripe mince,

Natures Menu Beef chunks, Tripe chunks, white fish.

Every dogs bone tolerence can differ so it's important to keep a close eye on your dogs motions, and seek advice from experienced raw feeders.

There are lots of wonderful small independent raw specialists out there (not Google), who are knowledgeable and have your dogs best interests at heart. 

Best wishes