Piper's dinner

Lucky Piper 🐶😍 tonight’s dinner includes Naked Dog] Pure Duck, @nutrimentraw Raw Sprats, @henleyraw Duck Foot, @paleoridge Berry Good, Naked Dog] Itchy Dog Supplement
As I have mentioned before, Piper is a rescue dog from @dogsnhomes who brought him over from Portugal. He was found on his own at about 3/4 months old on the streets 🥹
He was very itchy, yeasty & his immune system was on over drive. The rescue do an amazing job, but piper just need a little time and some good food 👌
The Pure Duck 80-10-10 is single source protein and I am newly introducing this to see if it causes any itching. Previously he was on Wild Boar.
Sprats are for omegas, which will help his skin & coat condition.
Duck foot is for added protein.
Itchy dog supplement is full of so much great stuff, have a little look on my website for the ingredients. Sidandlola.co.uk
Berry Good is a superfood mix of berries and veg. This is the first time I am trying this to see if it makes him itch. I have avoided fruits & veg as they are sugar and sugar feeds the yeast.
He also has @lintbells_pet_health YuDigest for probiotics.