Raw Dog Food Near Lower Farringdon By Sid & Lola

Raw Dog Food Near Lower Farringdon With Sid & Lola

We at Sid & Lola think that every pet should have the best. Situated in the tranquil Hampshire countryside, our store is a sanctuary for pet owners looking to provide raw cat food and raw dog food near Lower Farringdon to their furry companions. We're a movement towards healthier, happier pets, not just a local pet store.

Raw Dog Food Near Lower Farringdon


Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Nutritional Guidance: Do you have trouble feeding your pet? Our professionals are available to help you customise your pet's diet to meet their unique needs and offer free consultations. We're your finest local ally when it comes to allergies, managing weight, or just increasing vitality because of our expertise in raw dog food and raw cat food.

  • Premium raw dog food near Lower Farringdon and necessary supplements are only a few of our high-quality items, all of which are carefully chosen to promote health and vitality. We are a unique option for pet stores near me because of our wide range of natural foods, treats, and supplements.

  • Local and Ethical: As a tiny, independent pet supply store close to me, we support ethical standards that honor the environment and our animals.

Services Offered Sid And Lola Natural Pet Shop

  • Raw and Natural Pet Foods: Indulge in our extensive selection of expertly prepared raw cat food and raw dog food near Lower Farringdon, which guarantees brighter teeth, better breath, and a more glossy coat.
  • Dog Grooming Salon: Give your dog the royal treatment they deserve with our expert grooming services; a clean dog is a happy dog.
  • Pet nutrition consultations: Personalised guidance to address certain nutritional issues or to assist in making the switch to a raw diet for your dogs.

Industry Facts

  • Growing Demand for Raw Pet Food: Pet owners looking to provide their animals healthier diets are driving the worldwide raw pet food industry, which is predicted to rise at a CAGR of over 5% through 2025.

  • Benefits of Raw Food for Pet Health: Research suggests that raw diets can enhance digestion, skin, coat, energy, and dental health in pets, which is consistent with Sid & Lola's product line.

  • Tailored Pet Diets: Sid & Lola provides customised diet consultations in response to the demand of over 70% of pet owners who are willing to pay extra for specialised food that caters to their pet's unique health requirements.

  • Increasing Pet Health Spending: In 2020, pet owners in the United States alone spent over $30 billion on pet food, with an increasing trend toward specialised foods like raw diets.

  • Educated Consumers: Sid & Lola's emphasis on transparency and education caters to this informed client base as pet owners grow more knowledgeable about the ingredients in pet food.

  • Sustainability in Pet Food: Pet products that are sourced ethically and sustainably are becoming increasingly popular. The dedication of Sid & Lola to these principles appeals to customers who care about the environment.

Visit our shop

Whether you're shopping online or stopping by to pick up your next bag of raw dog food near Lower Farringdon, we provide easy choices like click & collect, local delivery within a 10-mile radius, and effective courier services.


Raw Dog Food Near Lower Farringdon