Ostrich Bone

Ostrich Bone

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 Ostrich is a low allergen meat & their bones are really low in fat, so they're suitable for a dog watching their weight or those prone to pancreatitis.

Naturally air dried, full of nutrients and great for oral health keeping teeth in tip top condition.

The structure of Ostrich Bones is different to marrow bones, like beef or lamb. The marrow in the ostrich bone has a hollow honeycomb centre. The bone itself is much less likely to splinter or break into sharp shards due to the unique composition of the bone - As the dog chews on it, it will crumble into highly digestible small particles.

Composition: 100% Ostrich

Analysis: Crude protein 29.2%, Crude oils and fats 2.4%, Crude fibre less than 4.4%, Crude ash 53.5%, Moisture 5.8%

*All dogs must be supervised when feeding any treats and chews. Provide access to fresh water at all times. 

Minimum order for DPD delivery of raw food is 8kgs.
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