Woofles Double Clip Lead

Woofles Double Clip Lead

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The Woofles OneLead is the perfect dog training lead.  It isn't just any double ended lead;  not only does it allow you to use 4 different lengths, it has a number of functions further to that of a simple lead that you attach to two points.

You can easily change the length to suit the environment - shorten it when you need more control and lengthen it to give freedom and practice recall.  It can be used hands free, either around the waist or over the shoulder, and you can even walk two dogs at a time using it without the need for a dog lead splitter.

The Woofles OneLead is compatible with all three of our harness ranges.  To assist with dog training, we recommend use with the Endurance harness, which has two lead attachment points.  

The OneLead is made from extremely robust, tightly woven super soft cotton.  It is very comfortable to hold.

At full length, the lead is 200cm and it can be shortened to 175cm, 152cm, 125cm and 95cm.  It is 23mm wide.

Minimum order £30 for local delivery within a 10 mile radius of GU34 3HD

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